Pastoral Ministry

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Fruitland Baptist Bible College offers classes in the Rocky Mount area on an ongoing basis.  Beginning on January 6th, one of the classes offered will be “Pastoral Ministry.”  This class touches most of the issues and responsibilities encountered by anyone who does this kind of ministry.

As you see from the list, the class covers a great deal of “territory,” but gives a basic understanding of each and is a great starting point to learn more.  If you are interested, please contact the Association Office for additional information.

Some of the issues covered are:

   -- The mission of the church.
   -- The pastor’s role in that mission.
   -- Personal devotional life.
   -- Family life.
   -- Time management.
   -- Money management.
   -- Leading by example.
   -- Leading in missions, evangelism, and discipleship.
   -- Engaging the culture.
   -- Common pastoral responsibilities such as :  

         -- observing the Lord’s Supper, funerals, weddings,

            counseling, and dealing with death & dying.

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 19 that God's Word is the only qualified guide for every problem we face in life as it relates to my spiritual life. God created us and knows better than anyone (even the experts) how we should be living our lives. Why should we, as spiritual leaders, counsel people to turn to other sources of authority for the answers they seek when God has promised to give us ALL we need for life and godliness through His Spirit and through His Word? (2 Peter 1:3-4). My brothers, God has given us a perfect counseling book which is applicable to every struggle facing mankind. The Gospel offers hope to a world that is lost and struggling in the grips of sin!

I have personally witnessed many lives changed and marriages reconciled, even transformed, through my own personal ministry of biblical counseling.

- Pastor Mike Dixon

Biblical Counseling Classes

Fruitland Baptist College

North Roanoke Association Office

For more information, click HERE.

Rev. Dennis Cherry, DOM of the Alleghany Baptist Association spoke at our Fall Meeting to share mission projects in the Summersville, WV area. Mission Teams are needed to partner with a variety of churches to conduct VBS, Backyard Bible Clubs, building maintenance and repair, Prayer Walking, Youth Ministry, and many other outreach opportunities. Volunteers are also needed at the Mountain Market Place Ministry, (perhaps the most effective benevolence ministry in the Appalachian Mountains), which cares for over 300 each week.

List of Projects

Grassroots WV
Pastor Darren Cherry
(304) 582-9170

We have a room that needs to be built in our theatre. Would take a team of 5-10 around 2-3 days to build.  It's a sloped floor so build the platform, frame up walls,  then drywall and doors, carpet, paint, trim. Any of that that can be done would be super helpful.

Cherry River Baptist Church
Pastor John Reed
(304) 651-3907


In need of repairs on the church:
Painting, gutters, inside repairs

Little Birch Southern Baptist Church

Pastor Bryan Hoover

(304) 553-3249


Numerous painting projects in church building in addition to electrical and plumbing repairs.

Faith Baptist Church
Pastor Chad Meadows
(304) 992-8991
Projects around the church: repairing trim around outside windows, roof patch, painting walls, wheel chair ramps pressure wash and stain, parking lot sealed, church sign rebuild, inside decorative rock install, carpet install in nursery, tankless water heater install in kitchen. 

Cooktown Community Church
Pastor Dave McCall
(304) 520-5120
Wayne Liptrap, Projects Coordinator 
(304) 799-4378

Build a Wheelchair Ramp
Roof the parsonage

First Southern Baptist Church

Pastor Shane Boggs

(304) 651-9992


We could use a team to paint the sanctuary

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