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Impacting Lostness

Funding Request Process 

Purpose: The Impacting Lostness team will consider funding requests for association churches seeking to push back lostness in designated "Pockets of Lostness" or in their own church field. The Impacting Lostness team will partner with an association member church to provide one half of the cost of one evangelistic project per year up to $1,000.

Eligibility: In order for a request to be considered, the requesting church must be in good standing. This includes sending in the ACP, sending representatives to associational meetings, and contributing financially to the work of the association. 

Project: In responding to your request, we will ask for a project description and budget. The description must demonstrate that the project is tied to impacting lostness. (A couple of examples would be meeting a physical need in seeking to get to the gospel or providing materials that help make the gospel known and disciples to be made.) Regarding budget, the Impacting Lostness team assumes that church resources will be utilized first; association resources are there to assist in completing a project when the need exceeds the church's resources. Requests should be made by the senior pastor.

Priority: The Impacting Lostness team will prioritize requests based on the project description and-budget. Obviously, funds are limited by our team budget. Requests should be made, if at all possible, prior to a project and not after the fact. 

Accountability: In order to demonstrate to the association that funds are being handled appropriately, a follow-up form will be sent with any funding that is provided. No other projects from that church will considered for funding until the follow-up information on the current project has been completed and sent in. 

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