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Disaster Relief Training in Murfreesboro

On Saturday, February 18,2023, Jon Mills, the Handyman/Disaster Relief Coordinator, attended the Region One Disaster Relief training for NC Baptists in Murfreesboro, NC.

When I arrived at Meherrin Baptist Church, in Murfreesboro, I went to the fellowship hall to sign in for the Recovery Class. While I was waiting for the meeting to start, I was able to see several people I knew. I saw Tom Mitchell who is on the Handyman/Disaster Relief Committee. He and his wife, Ellen, represented Scotland Neck Baptist Church. They said they both formerly worked in Disaster Relief, but now were coming back to work in Food and Services. I was also able to speak with a pastor from Region One who was a former second Vice President of the Baptist State Convention, Matt Ledbetter, who stated that he used to do Disaster Relief Work but now he is training for administration. I also spoke with Tom Bean, the NC Baptist Disaster Relief Coordinator for Baptist on Missions. He stated the Baptist State Convention needs all the help they can get to serve on Disaster Relief for NC Baptist.

When we get bigger storms we have to pull people from other training sections to help. Then Tom Beam went over the things we need to know before we start the training for the day. Then, I went to area of the church for my Recovery Training. This training was broken into three sections: (1) Roof repair, (2) Clean-out/repair, and (3) Chain saws. Other training areas were Administration, Childcare, and Food Service.

Then when my training Class was finished, we met back in the Sanctuary to go over what we had covered. During lunch, I saw Tom Mitchell who was serving the food. The food was very good. I went to get my badge and left for home. Training was going in the afternoon for some of them. I was glad to be a part of this training. I would hope that everyone could be able take one Saturday and go to the training. I know we don’t want a Disaster but if it happens anywhere, not just where we are, that we can be ready to assist if needed in Christ’s Name!


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