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Fall Report 2019

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

We had a great Fall Meeting last week with 31 churches represented. Allow me to reiterate some of the points made during the DOM Report. God is at work in many ways:

Churches are focusing more on prayer, cooperating in worship and ministry, and sharing Christ in innovative ways. Many churches are experiencing a positive turnaround or growing stronger and healthier. We have had an outstanding response to the expanded color newsletter featuring some of the many things happening in the ministries of NRBA Churches. This will help us encourage and inspire one another.

The InJoy Thrift Store is now able to celebrate giving away 1 million dollars over the last 6 years. The Lord has brought together wonderful workers to serve in this ministry. Churches are partnering with community ministries as never before.

The average pastoral tenure has been growing steadily for several years. Pastors are committing to work through frustration, discouragement, and difficult challenges to stay in order to see God work in the churches they serve (Heb. 6: 10-15). Without the presence and comfort of the Holy Spirit, this would not be happening. Thank you for your commitment to the ministry where God has called you. “When the pastor stays, problems go. When the pastor goes, problems stay.”

The partnership with Fruitland is having a growing impact with students from nine association churches represented in classes this Quarter. The Biblical Counseling Class at the association office has 20 students enrolled.

Everything we do as an association and every decision made by me comes from one perspective – how will this strengthen churches? By God’s grace, we are poised as an association administratively, organizationally, and financially to anticipate our greatest year of ministry.

Thank you for your friendship, support and cooperation.

John S. Hamm


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