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Macedonia VBS: Lessons in Service

Macedonia Church provided an outstanding VBS this summer. This small, rural congregation had 8 children attending VBS, but it also had 18 adults serving in this valuable ministry. The children attending VBS enjoyed the well-prepared lessons, music, crafts, recreation, and refreshments. What made this event so meaningful for the congregation was the participation of VBS workers that wanted to minister to the needs of the children attending each session. This ministry also encouraged the adults that were involved and the congregation as a whole. Through this ministry, Macedonia practiced and reminds us of some valuable ministry principles:

1. Whenever engaging in ministry, do it well. Serve as unto the Lord. Follow the perspective of David, “I will not offer unto the Lord that which cost me nothing” (2 Sam. 24:24). Put your best effort in you service to the Lord as a worthy sacrifice to Him.

2. Be faithful in the opportunities you have. Focus on what you can do rather on what you can’t do.

3. Involve as many people as possible. It is easier to get a larger number of people to do a little and share the responsibility than it is to get a few people to do a lot (having to carry a burdensome load of responsibility).

4. Invest every resource possible in children’s ministry. You will never know the ways in which God will use this to impact the lives of the kids in your care.

5. Encourage, enjoy, build-up the body of Christ and edify the church in the process of sharing the gospel and caring for others. VBS reminds us that ministry can be fun when working together.

6. Faithfully care for the souls that God has entrusted to your ministry. When doing this, He will send more lives for you to impact for the cause of Christ.


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