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      DOM Report  2020      

Let Us Cross Over to the Other Side

These are the words that Joshua said to the children of Israel as they crossed the Jordan river into the Promised Land.  God divided the waters and they crossed over on dry land.  Jesus also instructed His disciples to cross over the Sea of Galilee.  They faced a terrible storm but with the intervention of the Lord, (as He came to them walking on the water), they made it across. 


Sometimes God moves us forward as the result of great faith in which He reveals His power in a miraculous way.   At other times in obedience to Him, we must move forward through great adversity and challenges.   It seems to me that God is leading us forward through difficult circumstances in preparation for a more effective ministry in the future.  


Many positive trends are occurring in our association churches which will help us bridge this challenging time of transition: 

  1. We are learning that in order to have an effective ministry in the future churches must be creative and adaptable.   (I hope that you will express your appreciation to your faithful pastors.  Imagine where your church would be today without your pastor’s steadfast leadership and creativity.)  

  2. During this pandemic, churches have placed the worship of God as the first priority in ministry.  More people are hearing the proclamation of the Word of God than before the pandemic.

  3. Churches have been faithful in giving – acknowledging God’s blessings, trusting Him for the future, and supporting the work of ministry.

  4. This has been an amazing time of using the new technology which is now available.  

  5. Deacons have played a more active role in ministering to the church family.  They have helped to maintain communication, demonstrate a loving concern, and provide encouragement.  

  6. Parents have spent more time in fulfilling the biblical role of discipling their children.  The ministry of the church can only support and reinforce the modeling of a Christian life by parents before their children.  


In support of these positive changes, the association is encouraging churches to move forward in the use of technology; encouraging and training deacons for effective ministry; helping families to pray for God’s work in their homes; and encouraging pastors.  In this NRBA Fall Magazine, you will learn more about the resources available for your church.  God has placed us here at this critical time to prepare us for the future. 


Let us cross over to the other side – a future that is even more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission.


Rev. John S. Hamm

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