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Servant/Ministry Evangelism

               A simple, straightforward approach to sharing God’s love in simple, practical ways              

Bill Viel (1941-2023) was constantly “doing the work of an evangelist” (2 Timothy 4:5) as a pastor, volunteer chaplain, and Director of the Inner Harbor Ministry in Baltimore, MD. He and Linda (wife of 59 years) have spent their lives discovering practical ways to express the love of Christ and build relationships with people. Many have come to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior. After retiring, Bill and Linda moved to Rocky Mount and joined First Baptist church. Linda is available to share craft ministry ideas by leading workshops for ladies groups and church outreach ministries.

In his book, Acts of Random Kindness: Can Change You, Your Church, Your Community and the Entire World, Bill describes the concept, the need, and the effectiveness of Servant Evangelism. This book summarizes a lifetime of experience which serves as a practical handbook and valuable directory listing over 800 ideas with additional resources.

Here is one example -                           Saturday before Mother’s Day was not just any ordinary Saturday. It was a day for Servant Evangelism Outreach – a flower give away. Long stemmed carnations were ready. Each had a red bow and link card attached. They would be given to mothers and wives in a residential area within walking distance of the church.

The church’s mission group coordinated the project. Some made link card while others tied bows and link cards to the flowers. People were praying before and during the outreach. Some went by themselves and others went in pairs door to door to give away flowers to honor mothers and wives. This was an opportunity to demonstrate an act of kindness and share their faith ... expecting nothing in return. (Pg. 26)

The purpose for this outreach was to make a personal contact with people in the community. Over time this opens doors to relationships and ministry opportunities. Most people come to Christ through family, neighbors, coworkers, and friends who are believers.


As we demonstrate the love of Christ, it strengthens the church’s positive reputation and influence in the community. Jesus said that He will grow the church. Our responsibility is to love and obey Him as we show a genuine concern for those around us. People are not looking for a “friendly church,” but they are looking for friends who care for them. We can point them to Jesus-our greatest friend.

This book is also available at the Association office.      - John Hamm

-------- A FREE copy is available for every Association Church Pastor. Please contact the Association office to get a copy --------

Introduction &

Table of Contents

 Chapter 6

"Church Plan of Action" for Servant Evangelism and Serving the Community

Chapter 12

Appendix Overview

Chapter 1

Ministry and Evangelism

Chapter 7

Ministry Evangelism and Servant Leader

A Church Staff Position

Appendix A

Definition of Terms

 Chapter 2

Ministry Evangelism

 Chapter 8

Ministry "Outside The Lines"

Appendix B

Resources For Ministry Evangelism

and Servant Evangelism

 Chapter 3

Servant Evangelism

Chapter 9

Servant Evangelism Outreach,

Projects and Events

Appendix C

Alphabetical Listing for Ministry Evangelism And

Servant Evangelism Outreach, Projects and Events

 Chapter 4

Servant Evangelism

Experiencing God Testimonies

Chapter 10

Evangelism and Hosted Block Party

Appendix D

Ministry Evangelism and Servant

Evangelsm Directory of Ministries

Chapter 5

Volunteers for Ministry Evangelism, Servant Evangelism and Serving the Community

Chapter 11

End Notes

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