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Passion for Ministry


The Enlistment Team is looking for individuals that feel lead of the Spirit to serve in a particular area of ministry. This requires that one be a team player with appropriate ministry skills and a Kingdom-focused passion for ministry. (Remember that teams do not exist to make recommendations to the association. Teams exist to do the work.)


Changes in team membership can be made during any association meeting- not just annually. If you would be interested in volunteering or serving in a ministry team contact the NRBA office or Enlistment team.

Serving is ministry and each Christian is given an opportunity to serve. I would like to say "Thank you" to all those serving on the Ministry Teams of the North Roanoke Baptist Association. We would like for you to serve if you are not serving on a Team. Please consider where you would like to serve and become a part of ministry in the North Roanoke Baptist Association.   

- Tim Andrews, Former Enlistment Team Leader


Leadership Sub-Teams:



- Handles all matters relating to association staff and makes recommendations to the messengers in session for any actions relating to staff 


- Handles all matters relating to finances and recommends to messengers in session an annual budget

Assets Management 

- Handles all issues related to the assets of the association such as the building, properties, and contents, etc.     


- Responsible for seeking, recruiting, and recommending appropriate leaders for the various positions of service in the association for approval by the messengers in session


Church Life Team                                                                                    

Assisting churches toward developing and following God's vision and mission; and development of leaders to enable church health and vitality.


Prayer Team                                                                                             

Praying for churches, pastors, and spiritual awakening; assisting churches in strengthening Kingdom-focused prayer ministry.


Community Ministry Team                                                                      

Assisting churches to explore and engage in ministry and mission to the community; and to network with other churches for the outward expression of the gospel.


Impacting Lostness Team                                                                       

Assisting churches to plant relevant, reproducing churches; and to be engaged in evangelistic efforts both locally and around the world (Acts 1:8).

Volunteers from four member churches processing recent mail out

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