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Fruitland Baptist Bible College Satellite Classes


Over 800 Fruitland graduates currently serve as ministers in North Carolina along with many others in adjoining states.  Fruitland is supported by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.  Currently Fruitland has an exceptional online Associates Degree Program available.  For more information contact the association office or go to or call (828) 685-8886.

North Roanoke Association is proud to have worked with Fruitland to establish a satellite campus in Rocky Mount from 2012 -2022.  Classes were held at Word Tabernacle Church.  About 60 students completed the 16 course program and received their certificate during the Fruitland Graduation Ceremony in Hendersonville.  Student’s from several churches also took individual courses.  This included the popular Biblical Counseling Courses which were also taught at the association office.

Dr. Bill Mackay, (retired Executive Director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention), served as the Leadership Development Consultant for Fruitland.  He was an outstanding ministry coordinator and took a special interest in assisting each student.  When the first group of students completed the program he wrote, It has been gratifying to see how they are more involved in giving leadership in their local churches.  One of the most powerful moments I can remember seeing in recent years was seeing how God transformed their lives as adults, how they had become believers and then started to minister to other people in the name of Christ.  

Another exceptional component of this program was the quality of the instructors.  They were highly trained and their ministry experience enabled them to apply the principles taught in class.  They included Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor’s, N. C. Baptist State Convention Staff, and pastors with advanced degrees in the subject they were teaching.  A local member of this distinguished group was Rev. Bill Grisham, retired pastor of First Baptist Church of Rocky Mount.


“Since I started attending the satellite courses at Word Tabernacle for Fruitland I have reignited a passion for learning and studying God’s Word. I wish I had this drive when I attended Bible College at 18 years old. The classes are designed to help you learn and understand what you just studied and be able to use them in your ministry or everyday life and witness. I feel I have benefited greatly from these courses and have made some awesome new brothers and sisters in Christ. I highly recommend these courses to anyone in church ministry especially and even to those looking to further their study of God’s Word.”

Bill Whitehead
Dawson Church

“As a student of Fruitland Bible Baptist College program offered through the NRBA, I have been able to continue my professional studies while balancing ministry and my work life. The program is very flexible, the Professors are extremely knowledgeable and truly desire to help you grow in your walk with Jesus. I would highly encourage you to consider the program if you ever wanted to further your studies in the Word of the Lord. Hope to see you in class soon.”

James Smith
Calvary, Rocky Mount

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