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                         Buffet meals provided by NRBA                              
                 Oct. 10th, 6:00 PM, Ralph's BBQ, Weldon                   
             Oct. 14th,11:30 AM, Gardner's BBQ, Hwy 301, Rocky Mount               

This is an opportunity for pastors to be an encourager while allowing others to build into their lives as well. Pastors are the greatest ministry resource for pastors. As pastors build stronger relationships, it establishes a foundation for churches to grow stronger by working together.

- John Hamm

We are inviting Pastors to gather for a special time of fellowship on the 10th & 14th of October. Our goal is to encourage one another while we dine together as brothers in Christ. This event is directed as pastors. We want to support our pastors and help to provide a safe environment at which we can pray for one another and love on one another as Christ has directed. John 15:12 tells us to "love one another as I have loved you." The Church Life Team looks forward to seeing you there.

- Richard Price


The Church Life Team looks forward to seeing each of you either in Roanoke Rapids or in Rocky Mount for a meal and fellowship.  Hopefully we can divide the problems and multiply the blessings as we meet and encourage one another.  We look forward to seeing you.

- Rickie Sorie

Being in the ministry almost 60 years, I have found discouragement is a real emotion that we as pastors face continually.  Ministers feel in competition with each other.  I have found an occasional phone call and prayer is very helpful when a pastor comes to mind. Having an occasional lunch together is very meaningful and shows that we care. When I get discouraged, John Hamm always has the right uplifting words.  Let's make an effort to encourage one another.

- Harry Fowler



October 28th @ Benvenue
6:00 PM,  Fellowship Dinner
6:45 - 8:00 PM,  Meeting
**Contact Association office with number coming for meal by Monday, October 25th**

SPEAKER: Rev. Mark Smith
"Discipleship in the Home"

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