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Englewood YG @PeaceMakers

March 25-27 was our annual DNOW Weekend here at Englewood Baptist Church in Rocky Mount. This year’s theme was INVEST and was all about investing in relationships in the way God designed.

On Saturday, we took our students to Peacemakers for them to invest in their community. There we split up into teams with some working on landscaping, others inventorying and organizing supplies, and others decorating rooms in preparation for Freedom School. While at Peacemakers, Lemanuel Williams, a great friend of mine and employee of Peacemakers, led our students in an incredible activity challenging them to solve a problem that is a reality for many in our community. The students had to work together to solve a problem and the Lord opened their eyes to the reality of the poverty around them and the role they could and should play in ministering to the poor.

Unanimously, every student I have interacted with since has stated that their time at Peacemakers was one of their favorite parts of the weekend - even over games and food! We, the church, need to strive to provide more opportunities for our students to put feet to their faith and invest in their community.  

Dylan Anderson


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