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Fruitland: Equipping You for Christian Leadership

This highly rated Certificate Program consists of 16 rotating classes. This program provides practical ministry training for anyone desiring to grow in their faith and be better equipped to serve the Lord. Not just for ministers, it is ideal for Sunday School Teachers and Small Group Leaders, and Church Leaders serving in any ministry capacity. You can take one course, specific courses of interest, or complete the entire 2-year program. But I must warn any prospective student that these classes can be addictive. In this program, the student focuses on one class at a time. Each class meets on Monday evenings (6pm – 9pm) for 5 weeks in addition to homework and testing. The next two Summer Term Courses will be in July and August. Contact the association for more information.

Homiletics 102 (How to Study the Bible) July 12, 19, 26; August 2, 9.

Benefit from the practical study and experience of Bill Grisham (Retired Pastor First Baptist, Rocky Mount). This class will help you develop a hunger to study and share the Word of God. Attend the class on Monday and use what you learned next Sunday.

Church History 301 August 16, 23, 30; September 7 (Tuesday), 13.

Learn the historical background of the Biblical Doctrines and Practices we observe in church. Why do we do it this way? Taught by Jeff Mayfield (Pastor and Adjunct Professor at Southeastern Seminary and Liberty).


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