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Praying Every Single Day at InJoy

Since InJoy opened for business over 6 years ago, the volunteers and staff have gathered for prayer every single workday at 9:45 am before opening the doors at 10:00. As we continue to serve the Lord in this capacity, we know that our relationship and communication with Jesus is preeminent in all that we receive and all that we strive to accomplish. Just as our personal lives and local congregations have both blessings and challenges, so too this ministry and those who serve within it experience a full range of "life's circumstances" as we operate within the context of a fallen world. So, while we continue to invite you and others within the body of Christ and the NRBA to join us in this labor of love and worship at the store, we urge you in any case to pray with us and for us as we seek to glorify Christ, and touch our community and the world through this work. Please pray ... "

Mike Edwards

InJoy Store Manager


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