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Sampson Ministry Resources

Sampson Ministry Resources offers outstanding training materials featuring presentations of nationally known speakers. Over $12,000 worth of resources are presented in an adaptable format which can be integrated into your church schedule in many ways. These materials are available to you at no cost through the NRBA. Check this out at www.sampson

Categories and speakers include:

· Sunday School / Small Group Training by Mark Crawford, Allan Taylor, Tommy Sanders

· Single Adult Ministry by Don Munton, Holly Crain

· Deacon Training by Jim Henry, Johnny Hunt

· Marriage, Parenting, and Family by Kevin Leman, Charles Lowry, Danny Akin

· Bible Study and Discipleship by Clayton King, Bill Tolar, Ken Hemphill, David Allen

· Prayer by Kie Bowman

· Men’s Ministry by Neal Jeffrey, Adrian Rogers, Dennis Swanberg

· Women’s Ministry by Liz Curtis Higgs, Debbie Staurt

· Leadership by O.S. Hawkins, Johnny Hunt

· Bible Prophesy by Gary Fraizer

Just contact the office for STREAMING codes and instructions. This opportunity is available to us through August. You will find this to be excellent material for specific groups; the church as a whole; or use as a personal training resource that you can use in your ministry.

John Hamm


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