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Southside's Midweek

Wednesdays at Southside have been completely remade and they are awesome! At 10:30 am we have a Bible study class for adults. Our evenings kick-off with a time of fellowship and meal at 5:15 pm. Children go to a VBS style event from 6pm-8pm including Bible study, missions, recreation, and music rotations. Our Youth have a time of fellowship and games from 6-7PM, and then a time of worship and Bible study from 7-8PM. Adults have choices. I mentioned the 10:30AM Bible study, but there is more that evening. We offer options for adults at 6PM and 7PM. Or an adult may choose Bible study one hour and then serve the other hour in our children’s ministry, youth ministry, or as an adult teacher. Some adults go to Bible study both hours. For our adults, Midweek is all about options for you to choose. Midweek is an amazing opportunity for our church.


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