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Benefits of Training Opportunities

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

1. Training follows the example of Jesus the Master Teacher as He trained the disciples.

2. Training utilizes the vast resources available to equip us to serve the Lord

3. Training maximizes time – like the lumberjack using valuable time to sharpen his axe.

4. Training fulfills the need to always be learning because, “A call to ministry is a call to prepare for ministry.”

5. Training prepares us for the future. God often leads us forward when we are ready for the next step.

6. Training enables us to learn from the experience of others. We cannot learn all we need to know from our own mistakes and experiences.

7. Training reassures us when others with similar experiences affirm what we have learned. It is encouraging when I can say, “What do you know, I did something right.”

8. Training provides an opportunity to share wisdom gained and inspire one another.

9. Training allows us set the example for others within our church to grow in ministry.

10. Training helps us develop the essential leadership attitude of teachability. A wise person once said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

11. Training strengthens churches to be more effective in making disciples.

12. Training equips us to multiply our ministry by training and mentoring others.

The NRBA is always ready to assist churches by providing opportunities for continued training. We are blessed with outstanding leaders in our region and across the state that are available to lead outstanding training events. If your church has a particular training need and/or would be interested in hosting a training event, please contact the association office.


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