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12 Benefits of Going on Mission Trips

  1. We experience an opportunity to minister to others by sharing the love of Christ.

  2. We develop a better understanding of “missions” from a personal perspective.

  3. We become thankful for the blessings of God that we enjoy and often take for granted.

  4. We expand our ministry effectiveness by utilizing our spiritual gifts and abilities.

  5. We acquire the ability to trust God more as we serve outside of our “comfort zones”.

  6. We observe new methods and procedures that promote creativity within our church.

  7. We share a “unity of the Spirit” with other believers and among our team members.

  8. We focus on Kingdom ministry rather than our own personal needs.

  9. We obey the Great Commission as we personally Pray, Go, Serve, and Give.

  10. We become more aware of the ministry needs within our own community.

  11. We share a passion for ministry that encourages our church to adopt a renewed vision.

  12. We grow as followers of Christ that honor Him and care for those around us.

John Hamm



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