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Community Volunteers Restore Ramp for Battleboro Couple

Tony Thompson, a key member of the NRBA Handyman/Disaster Relief Ministry, recently spearheaded a vital ramp renovation project in Battleboro. After receiving a request from Baptists on Mission via Jon Mills, Tony quickly mobilized a group of dedicated volunteers from Scotland Neck Church to address the urgent need.

The couple in Battleboro relied on the ramp for daily access to their home, with the husband using a walker. Recognizing the critical importance of the ramp, Tony and his team acted swiftly. Using marine-quality treated lumber provided by a volunteer's construction contact, five skilled workers efficiently restored the ramp, ensuring safe and reliable access for the couple.

The homeowners were deeply appreciative of the volunteers' hard work. To show their gratitude, the lady of the house prepared and served refreshments once the project was completed. This heartwarming community effort not only enhanced the couple's quality of life but also demonstrated the profound impact of volunteerism and community support.


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