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Director of Missions Report

Wonderful things are taking place among the NRBA churches.  We can see God at work through innovative ministries. Churches are working together in a spirit of cooperation and reaching out to the community and the world. We are making an effort to share these positive happenings through the association website, newsletters, and Constant Contact. Please share your stories and photos of outreach ministries and special events. As we make this positive news available, it helps to multiply your ministry by sharing ideas and encouraging other churches. As we obey the command of Jesus to make disciples, we find that we are not in competition with each other. Because the need for Christ is universal, the challenge of ministry is great, and its significance is eternal – we choose to serve Him together.

NRBA ministry teams are available to support you in this effort. The Impacting Lostness Team provides financial resources to churches that desire to partner with the association in outreach ministries which have an evangelistic emphasis. The Church Life Team supports training events, church revitalization, and ministries that help equip, encourage, and support pastors and leaders. The Senior Adult Ministry brings churches together in fellowship. The Prayer Team demonstrates, highlights, and encourages Kingdom-Focused Prayer within our churches. The Community Ministry Team connects association churches to local community ministry opportunities. The Disaster Relief and Handyman Ministry is in the process of equipping the new trailer to help churches demonstrate and proclaim the gospel.     

My hope is that our association can enjoy the blessings that I enjoy each day as we share good news about sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Honoring Him by Serving Together,

John S. Hamm - Director of Missions


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