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Door-to-door Neighborhood Outreach

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Two out of three of our neighbors in Nash and Edgecombe do not attend any church, anywhere, at any time during the year. Englewood sits in the midst of “pocket 86,” the 86th largest pocket of unchurched people in the state. Along with other churches in the “task force,” EBC set out to change that. Just over a year ago, we began going home by home and street by street conducting surveys and sharing the gospel. Our 2-3 person teams took assigned streets on select Sunday afternoons and completed a simple survey to assess spiritual interest and gather a sense of the needs of the community. To date, we have visited nearly 1,100 homes, shared the gospel 91 times and have seen 6 people trust Christ. One of the most fulfilling things though is hearing testimonies of men, women, and students who had the privilege to minister to our neighbors through prayer and, for some, to share the gospel for the first time.

Any church can take this simple approach to engaging our community. It is a low cost, high touch and scalable approach to touching the greatest needs of our neighbors and what a privilege it is to think that the Lord might use us to make a difference in lives all across our area.

Chris Aiken

Assistant Pastor, Englewood


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