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Dortches Quarterly Meal Ministry

Another successful meal for the people in our community! Dortches Baptist Church is blessed to be able to serve cooked meals to the elderly, needy, and persons recovering from at-home illnesses. DBC, in conjuction with a grant from the Baptist State Convention of NC and the NC Hunger Fund has made this possible.

Starting January, 2022, DBC has cooked, served, and delivered 50 plates on average every quarter. That is, until the last meal served on June 14, 2023, where DBC has provided 126 meals - 46 plates to individuals at home and 80 plates served at the Covenant Homes of Rocky Mount.

Special thanks to our Master Cook, Don Pittman and wife, Amy, and to the many brothers and sisters at DBC. Thank You, FATHER, for the lives we have touched!


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