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Financial Seminar Assists Church Treasurers

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

A free church finance workshop hosted by Bethlehem Baptist on January 7 proved a success. Twenty-one people from eleven NRBA and non-NRBA churches came to learn from Davis Blount, senior consultant, compensation and benefits, Baptist State Convention on North Carolina. Some of the topics covered during the 2.5-hour workshop included tax updates, compensation planning, employer provided benefits and managing designated funds. The gathering ended with a question and answer session.

A second free workshop at Bethlehem is planned for this fall. Blount's topic will be church budgeting. The hope is for Bethlehem to host a free church finance workshop every spring and fall.

For upcoming dates, see Bethlehem's website/blog at Or contact the church at or (252) 308-4082 to be placed on an email list about upcoming workshops.

Francis Kyle

Bethlehem Church


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