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Lord, Send Us Workers ...

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

God blessed us through a fifth year in 2018. We are now in the midst of yet another year of ministry and giving to our community and global missions in 2019. One of the ongoing faith challenges of this ministry is the continuing need for more church members to join work with us as regular volunteers. We are currently praying for the Lord to send us workers in the following areas with a time commitment of only a half a day (or more if desired):

Electronic and Electrical Items (toys, lamps, TV’s small appliances, etc.)

We are in need of couple of volunteers to help test (i.e. plug in to see if “it” works), clean, and shelve small electrical items for sale in our store. It is not necessary to be able to repair or rebuild any of these items. No electrical experience required; simply a desire to prepare and neatly place properly working items on the sales floor.

Clothing— We are in need of several individuals who would enjoy inspecting and sorting clothing on weekday afternoons in preparation for being priced and placed on store racks for sale. Some morning hours need attention as well.

Other areas in which we desire and regularly utilize volunteers in this ministry: Processing furniture, accessories, toys, linens, storefront cleaning and organizing.

We have very capable Christian workers in each and every department who will joyfully train, work and fellowship with you if the Lord directs you towards this ministry. All profits are distributed to gospel ministries both locally and internationally. Every day’s work at InJoy is intended to be a labor of love and worship to Jesus Christ our King. Please join us!

- Rev. Michael Edwards


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