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Proctors Chapel Science Camp 2023

A few years ago (pre-pandemic), Proctors Chapel sought to change our approach to Vacation Bible School. We had noticed over several years a steep decline in “unchurched” children attending VBS, with many of our attendees participating in several VBS programs each summer. Our children’s leaders were led to try a different approach and “Science Camp” was born. “Science Camp” focuses on God’s creation and the orderliness of the universe. While the world teaches that science and the Bible are in conflict, we are demonstrating that “all truth is God’s truth” and there is no conflict between science and the Bible. This year, presenters shared knowledge about chickens, rabbits, airplanes, fossils, geodes, and DNA while providing “hands on” experiences to all the campers. Worship, Bible lessons, games, snacks, and “a ton of fun” made the week a great learning experience.

We had 120+ campers (over 30 unchurched) and 60+ volunteers making this our largest camp yet. Campers attended for 3 hours each morning, Monday through Friday. The church budgets for this each year along with several individual donor contributions, including a grant from the North Roanoke Baptist Association, making this event possible. This camp plus other community-based efforts are helping the church reach our community for Christ.


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