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Quankie Makes the Most of Wednesday Evenings

For the last 3 years Quankie Church has benefited greatly by placing a strong emphasis on the Wednesday evening program. Mrs. Melissa Barnes, Church Clerk, reports that about 3 years ago, the men’s Brotherhood group began preparing a Fellowship Meal at 6:00 pm. Currently, there are about 20 attendees and carry-out plates are prepared for 10 shut-ins in the community. Volunteers assist with the clean-up. Donations are excepted and after covering the costs, excess funds collected are added to the Building and Grounds Fund. Projects funded include the purchase of upgraded kitchen appliances including a Commercial Refrigerator, Ice Cream Machine and various Fellowship Hall improvements.

The pastor, Dr. Lavelle Waters, has assisted the congregation in developing a well-planned Wednesday evening schedule which combines several ministries and programs. The Children’s Ministry meets while the adults share in a time of prayer followed by a practical and informative Bible Study. On occasion, a short Business Conference is included as well. The church is edified as members are well informed and feel a part of the decision-making process. Quankie is demonstrating that a small congregation working together can have a high quality Mid-Week Program that honors the Lord and blesses people.


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