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Relief Unit Update

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The Association Relief Team have been moving quickly since obtaining the first mobile enclosed unit to prepare it for use. The Unit is being housed at the Association Office.

At this time, it is partially equipped with enough equipment to make a start in giving relief to those who have a disaster or an unexpected situation or need for a handyman project. We emphasize partially equipped. The team is searching out equipment that we need to purchase to make it a fully operating unit. We would welcome any Baptist Men’s group or individuals that would like to make a designated donation toward the purchase of equipment for the unit to do so. As of today, we have in unit:

[3- CHAIN SAWS, 1- AIR COMPRESSOR, 1- DUAL-BEVEL SLIDING COMPOUND MITER SAW W/LASER GUIDE SYSTEM, 1- 5500 WATTS GAS GENERATOR, ONE EACH: JIG SAW, CIRCULAR SAW, ONE TABLE SAW, NAIL GUN, TWO LADDERS, STEP LADDER. There is a lot more needed to equip unit to be the most effective. The Baptist Men’s list suggests a cost to equip unit at $8-10,000, we have made prudent purchases of about $3,000.00. Designate offerings to NRBA Disaster Unit will be appreciated, and it might be a good mission project for your Baptist Men group, Women on Mission, or from individuals.

How can we use this Relief Unit as a ministry tool? Of course, it will be a blessing to the recipient of the projects. We also believe the unit could be used as a recruiting tool for Baptist Men. Once the unit is equipped to do projects that might arise, it will be available for any church, especially one that it isn’t feasible for them to have their own unit, to be able to check out the NRBA UNIT and use. We have men in our churches that have the know how to do almost any project BUT like myself are unable to physically do the labor. However, with our knowledge and skills we would be able to show our younger men that are friends and acquainted with our churches how to do the job. This will be the beginning of building a strong Brotherhood of Baptist Men working together and sharing their knowledge, experience and fellowship.

Even now there are many opportunities in our area. Handicap ramps, small repairs for the elderly, trees down, and other needs can be more easily met with the availability of an equipped unit ready to go. When the unit is on loan a team member will assist in the checking out and offering instructions for the equipment, if necessary. As our churches use this to minister, they will touch many lives of those hurting or in need.

PLEASE NOTE, we are receiving designated donations to complete the unit and would appreciate any donations from your Baptist Men/Women groups or Church for such needs. We will continue to stock Unit with most needed equipment as donations come in. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR PRAYERS SUPPORT AND MONETARY GIFTS.

Serving Him: Dr W. Jim Whitehead, Chairman, DOM John Hamm, Rev. Tim Jones, Tony Thompson, Bill Whitehead, Scott Wood. NRBA Baptist Men Relief Team


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