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Ride of A Lifetime

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

When Cowboys were real Cowboys, roping and branding cows was a part of their everyday chores. Branding the cows was the way a ranch could identify their stock. It was a label of sorts that had a meaning. The Cowboys were also identified by the brand for which they rode for. They were dedicated to the brand and were expected to represent it well.

There are lot of labels that we have in our lives today. Such labels are father, mother, friend, grandpa, grandma and the list goes on and on. How we represent our label says a lot about how dedicated we are to it. Some labels refer to our occupation or our hobbies. No matter what the label, it tells a story.

We all know the saying, "Read the label to know what's in the can." What does your label say about what is in your "can?" How much of a priority do you place on your label? What does your political party label say about you? There is another label that many folks stand for and it has to do with the "Cross". The question is in our society today, how dedicated to and proud of it are you? Are there other labels in your life that you put above the "Cross"?

I believe that a lot of the problems our country is facing today could be fixed if folks would place their Christian label at the top of their priority list. There will be many times when you will face criticism and ridicule but as Paul say in Romans, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel". The time is now when all Christians should cowboy-up and ride for His brand. Circle Cross Cowboy Church in Rocky Mount, NC has designed and printed a yard sign that challenges us to do just that. If you would like one for your yard, drop them an email and "Live The Label".

Alfred Tyson

Circle Cross Cowboy Church


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