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“Science Camp” was a Big Hit!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Several of our children’s workers were led to try something new this year for our “VBS type” of event to reach new children and families and do something the community needed…

A “Science Camp”. This was a huge success with over three times the number of campers with many new faces. The excitement was “over the top” as we learned about God’s creation from “experts” in various areas including “Fossil Digging”, Silvan Heights Bird Park (birds, baby alligator, and dissecting owl pellets), Bee Keeping, Service Dogs, Goats, “Rainbows” and God’s promises, and Embryology including hens and chicks. Each day we also had a visit from our own “mad scientist,” Dr. Mishap, who taught a Bible truth and used great experiments to reinforce the lesson. We had over fifty workers with this effort. Edgecombe County students did not have a sponsored science camp this summer. We sought to fill that gap and provide the truth of God's Word.

Walt Cooper

Proctors Chapel


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