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Team Impact

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

What an awesome opportunity to engage the community! Thank you to NRBA outreach for partnering with us during this event. In doing so, you enabled us to engage 2 additional schools for the sake of the gospel and in an effort to impact the lostness in Nash and Edgecombe County public/private schools. Because of this event, thousands heard the need for the gospel in their lives. As a result, we baptized 14, have many coming to our church, and have referred out numerous individuals to their local churches for follow up. In fact, I can tell you a couple churches have already baptized candidates as a result of the event… so we are praising the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness in using this event to impact the kingdom of God. Again, Thank you and may God continue to bless the ministry efforts of the North Roanoke Baptist Association.

Jeff Chappell


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