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Thank the Lord for Our Pastors

NRBA churches are blessed to have men of outstanding character who sacrificially serve as our pastors. Consider just some of the things they do for us. Our Pastors:

  • Watch over our souls with a shepherd’s heart as they intercede on our behalf.

  • Dedicate themselves to teach the Word of God nurturing our spiritual growth.

  • Remind us of God’s blessings which make us thankful for His mercy and grace.

  • Lead us to exercise our spiritual gifts and talents in the service of the Lord.

  • Encourage us in times of need by demonstrating God’s faithfulness and love.

  • Strengthen the body of Christ with the example of a faithful servant.

  • Guide us in the worship of God causing us to rejoice over our new life in Christ.

  • Train, equip, and inspire us to serve in ministry to others.

  • Love us when we are not as kind, forgiving, and submissive to one another as we should be and need love the most.

  • Seek to trust and obey the Lord and when following their example, we experience the peace of God which passes all understanding.

  • Look to Him in faith during difficult times making it easier for us to anticipate the blessings of tomorrow by finding joy in the strength of the Lord.

  • Are not ashamed to proclaim the gospel of Christ and the power of His resurrection giving us concern for the spiritual condition of those around us.

Would you thank God for His gift of a pastor to your church? Pray for your pastor and family, asking the Lord for His power, protection, and provision. Share a word of encouragement or provide a gift to acknowledge the blessing that your pastor is to you. Most of all, seek to grow as a follower of Christ. Our pastors want to know that God is at work in your life and their labor is not in vain.

John Hamm


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