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Ukraine Missions Dinner

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Ladies from West Edgecombe Church attended a Ukrainian Missions Dinner and Program at the NRBA office on Thursday evening, July 25th. John Hamm prepared the meal and missions presentation with help from Susan, and valuable assistance from Victor and Regina Balasoto. Carolyn Carson promoted this event at the church and the following are a few of the comments that she gathered from attendees.

"What a delightful evening – different, yet delicious food and hearing John Hamm share from his heart about the lostness of the Ukrainian people and the hearty Christians who flourish there despite strong government supervision. I am glad I had this experience…" -- Ben Mary

"I really liked when Mr. Hamm was showing the pictures and talking about it. I liked trying new food from other places. It was a blast!!!" -- Rubi, WEBC Youth Member

"This was my first visit to the Associational Office and it's a beautiful place and we all need to feel blessed we have it in our area." -- Etta Barkley

"It makes me appreciate my life, my country and my freedom to worship my God… I still want the cabbage casserole recipe." -- Shirley Edmondson

"Thank you to John Hamm & his lovely wife [Susan] for preparing an authentic Ukrainian feast for us! We had a wonderful time learning about the Ukrainian culture, and how we can be praying for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ over there as they bring Light to a very dark world." -- Tara Jackson, Worship Leader and Women’s Ministry Director

"What a wonderful opportunity to learn about Mission Field in Ukraine. I truly enjoyed seeing the information on table and pictures."-- Maria El Faysal

"My thoughts on the Ukranian Dinner are that the food was good! I would like to eat different types of food." -- Jazzlyn, WEBC GA

"Enjoyed very much. Food was delicious and slide presentation very informative. Just wish recipes had been available."-- Nell

"The Hamm's did an excellent job in the preparation of everything that was prepared for this dinner and the video mission trip. This was my first visit to the Associational Office and it's a beautiful place and we all need to feel blessed we have it in our area."-- Etta Barkley

"I personally appreciated you sharing your trip to Ukraine in 2001. We in America have so much to be thankful for."-- Jeannette

"Thank you, John, Sue and others that helped, prepare for our meal and presentation of the Ukrainian people. And thank you to all that participated. I enjoyed the fellowship with Christian brother and sisters."-- Joan Calhoun

"It was interesting to know how they love and grow so much of their own food. We were made very aware of the need that country has just to survive and how badly they need people to tell about Jesus. There still so much work to be done there. We are more than blessed to live in USA." -- Jean Daniels

"John and his wife Susan made us feel like royalty, after the meal Brother Hamm showed us the slides of his mission trip. I really would like for all you to have been there. We experienced more, and I cannot remember or begin to adequately share it all with you." --Carolyn Carson


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