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West Edgecombe Church Partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

In late November of 2022, the Missions Outreach Team of West Edgecombe Baptist Church met to talk and pray about ways we could reach out beyond the four walls of our church into our community. The decision was made to partner with Sleep in Heavenly Peace of Rocky Mount (SHP) ... and include our Upward Basketball & Cheerleading families in the fun as well!

When the new Upward Basketball season kicked off in January 2023, we began sharing about SHP and ways our church and the Upward families could donate to the cause or even participate in a Build Day. Our original goal was to raise enough to build 30 beds. But God had other plans!

On Saturday, March 4, 88 volunteers from WEBC & Upward descended upon the SHP warehouse location for a very successful and fun Build Day! Once the sawdust settled, our volunteers had made over 60 beds that day, and had raised enough money to cover supplies for up to 88 total beds! The SHP staff was able to start delivering brand new beds the very next week to the very deserving and thankful recipients.


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